Mr. Jhala Nath Khanal is a Nepalese Politician and is the former Prime Minister of Nepal. He was the 35th Prime Minister of Nepal and he served from February 2011 to august 2011. He was the Chairman of the Leading party of Nepal, Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) (CPN (UML)) and leader of the Constituent Assembly Parliamentary Party of the CPN (UML).

Mr. Khanal was General Secretary of Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist) from 1982 to 1986. After CPN (ML) merged with Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist) and became CPN (UML), he was the General Secretary of the party from 2008 to February 2009 and was elected as the Chairman of the CPN (UML) on February 16, 2009.  Mr. Khanal also served for a time as Minister of Information and Communication in the 1997 coalition government