I was born in Kachili-Dang, a small town in a remote area of the Nepalese Himalayas, with no electricity or paved roads. As a child, I experienced the hardships of rural life in this part of the world and soon developed a strong curiosity about all aspects related to international relations and diplomacy. I collected and eagerly read all materials available and made myself familiar with the classic principles and theories, the works and views of the most outstanding authors, and the analysis of the latest international news. Curiosity gave way to a real passion for the field and thus I aimed at completing a degree in those areas, but was truly disappointed when I found out that the poor and outdated education system in Nepal did not offer such studies. I then embarked on a personal challenge that lasts to this day – to try my best to improve the lives of my fellow citizens, the people in the Himalayas region and Asians in general, without forgetting my zeal for international relations.

I worked as a radio reporter, focusing my work on the promotion of teenagers in rural areas. I established the Youth Foundation Nepal, whose mission was to give voice and empower the younger generations of disadvantaged sectors in society, and collaborated in the creation of Movement for Change, a civil society organisation aiming at wider public involvement in the modernisation of Nepal. I have also been involved, as the executive producer, in the production of a series of film documentaries with a social content, of which the UN-recognised Ready-Willing-and-Able (RWA), widely portrayed as a symbol of latest civil society initiatives in Nepal, has been the most significant.

During the last years, I have been fully immersed in the conceptualisation and establishment of AIDIA. Born as a result of the gap existing in Nepalese foreign affairs and diplomatic studies and practice, AIDIA has been envisioned as an Institute that would place Nepal at the front line of global academic excellence and that would also provide the required expertise in the field of education in diplomacy and international relations to the newer generations of Nepalese -and wider Asian- public service and business practitioners. With AIDIA, I am willing to stir the practice of diplomatic relations in a region that has traditionally been out of the global focus in spite of its top strategic character at present and in the coming times, by creating a conducive environment for more enhanced and constructive dialogue and collaboration among international affairs professionals and foreign representatives. I am happy to say that, in spite of its recent inception, AIDIA is already moving forward with all of its envisaged programmes, and the Institute has gained a relevant position within the existing networks at regional, continental and world levels.

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