Sunil K.C is an entrepreneur with a wide array of experience ranging from social activism to mass media communication and geopolitical analysis. He is the founder and CEO of the Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs, an organization founded to improve education and research in the domain of international affairs and diplomacy in Nepal. AIDIA is also recognized by the government of Nepal to issue official programs of International Relations and Diplomacy to interested students. AIDIA organizes national and international conferences and programs, track 2 dialogues relating to economic and diplomacy.

He is the founder of Youth Foundation Nepal (YFN), an organization dedicated to enhancing the connectivity of Nepal’s youth with their counterparts across the world in exchanging knowledge, ideas, experiences and culture. Mr. KC is also involved in the initiation of Movement for Change (M4C) along with the Mr. Darshan Runiyar (first Nepali-American Democrat) a social initiative for inclusive development in Nepal. Mr. K.C has supported Mr. Runiyar to campaign for the US Congress and played a crucial role in introducing the Nepal resolution in Congress.

He has organized various programs and meetings focusing on leadership, entrepreneurship and capacity building involving experts from across the world. He has traveled the world extensively to garner a better understanding of international and cultural affairs and to promote and improve Nepal’s bilateral equations. He has also delivered speeches and lectures in Universities in different countries on diplomatic, cultural and economic relations.

Mr. K.C. started his career as a radio presenter at the age of 13 to make the voice of Nepal’s youth heard during the bitter times of the Maoist Party Movement against the state. He became one of the founding members of Radio Tulsipur FM in Dang with the vision to increase socio-political awareness in local communities.

Mr. K.C. is the Executive Producer of the documentary Ready Willing and Able (RWA), recognized by the United Nations and initiated by the French Foreign Policy Analyst Ms. Laura Gadrat. Mr. K.C. is also directing various documentaries such as: Darshan for Nepal – a socio-political project focusing on the outstanding achievement of Nepalese People in global politics.



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