Mr. Prakash Man Singh is a senior Nepalese Politician and leader of Nepali Congress. He is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Development and Federalism in Prime Minister Sushil Koirala’s Cabinet. He is the son of one of the greatest politician of Nepal Mr. Ganesh Man Singh. He is former Minister of Population and Environment in the year 1996. He is former Minister for Supplies, Minister of Development and also Minister of Planning and construction. He was a lecturer in Trichandra Campus and in Tribhuan University in the year 1982-83. He is the Executive President of Ganeshman Singh Foundation.

When Nepali Congress split into two groups he sided with the break way Nepali Congress (Democratic) and became Vice president of NC (D). And after the fall of King Gyanendra’s direct rule, Mr. Singh became a nominated member of new interim legislature.  And after the reunification of NC and NC (D) Mr. Singh became the vice president of Nepali Congress. In 2008 Mr. Singh was elected in the Constituent Assembly election from Kathmandu-1. Mr. Singh was elected as General Secretary of Nepali Congress Party on September 22, 2010.