AIDIA Dialogue ... Shaping the Making of foreign policy


AIDIA Dialogue, a weekly television talk show, is an initiative of Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (AIDIA) dedicated predominantly in foreign policy and economic diplomacy of Nepal and broadly the related global affairs for fulfilling the very gap in current television talk shows in Nepal hosted in English. Rather than just randomly picking up the issues for discussion from day to day headlines, show intends to cover the incisive analysis on various facets of Nepal’s global affairs. Most significantly, AIDIA Dialogue aims to support in right-tracking the discourse and direction of Nepal’s foreign policy.


The show brings the politicians, bureaucrats, foreign diplomats, international relations scholars, business community, and other prominent figures for issue focused and robust constructive discourse.


AIDIA Dialogue will be broadcasted in AP1 Television every week on Wednesday from 8:30-9:00 PM and re-telecasted at 11:30 PM and on Thusrday 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM and  will be available in YouTube by 11:00 PM Nepali time.



Ms. Sama Thapa

Associate Editor, AP1 Television Ms. Sama Thapa has been a journalist for more than one and half decade. Currently, she serves as Associate Editor at AP1 Television and producing/presenting a weekly current affairs debate show titled ‘AP Center’. She is also a contributing writer for Annapurna Post.Prior to joining AP1 Television, she served as a senior assistant editor at Kantipur Television and hosted the talk show like ‘Sarokar’ and ‘Rise and Shine’Ms. Thapa participated in the various training program including Writing and Reporting News from Thomson Reuter, Story Telling and Visual Writing from Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication of USA, Ethics, and Code of Conduct for Reporter from Germany, and also hosting the national/international conference. She holds a Master's  Degree in Sociology from Tribhuvan University.



 Nepal’s Foreign Policy and Economic Diplomacy

 International Affairs

 Security/Defense

 Geopolitics

 Geo-economics


Potential Speakers:

Politicians, Bureaucrats, Diplomats, Economists, International Relations Scholars, Business Leaders/Entrepreneurs, Representative of International Multilateral agencies, Celebrities and other Public figure.


Target Audiences:

Politicians, Domestic and Foreign Dignitaries, Journalists, National and International Think-Tank Communities, Economists, International Relations Scholars and interested learners, Business Community, among others.


Show Overview:

With changing world power configuration, the global order is in state of flux. The highly geostrategic location between two major powers, having low weight of foreign policy determinants and its limited capacity to external influence, the small states like Nepal are more vulnerable in this context. It is truly paramount to effectively use the ‘rational decision making model’ to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs of each potential course of action. With several reasons, observation depicts lethargic situation of Nepal in this direction. The show is fully determined to serve this very purpose by playing the role of catalyst to activate every related apparatus.


The show will be dedicated primarily in foreign policy and economic diplomacy of the Nepal and largely the related global affairs fulfilling the very gap in current television shows in Nepal. Moreover, rather than just randomly picking up the issues for discussion from day to day headlines, it will try to identify and analyze the root causes and associated contributing factors. And most importantly, the shows which will be broadcasted in first six months of period will try its best not just to raise the issues but also intended to provide some positive contribution in the execution of Nepal’s foreign policy.


The show highly intends to reach out the speakers outside of country and connect the global audience by bridging the gap of television show hosted in English medium in Nepal. And, support for creating discourses in international platforms.


Key Themes

 Nepal’s bilateral relations with its immediate neighbors, other great powers and labour destination countries.

  Need of attention of foreign policy shapers and makers for opening new avenues in its relations with other countries

     from Central Asia, Africa and more.

 Focus on economic diplomacy including attracting tourism and investment ;promoting trade, energy cooperation, infrastructure, connectivity; secure foreign employment among others


Sponsorship Benefits

The Show anticipate to reach out 20,000 plus internet users as official YouTube Channel of AP1 TV has nearly one million subscribers and more than 3,000 television viewer

 The Show offers sponsors excellent exposure opportunity to show case a productor service and maximize benefits.

 The ideal networking platform for national/international partnership for trade and business.

 Opportunity for developing perspective new customer due to its wider and focused audience reaches.

 The high publicity of the show will be supported by sound marketing strategy aswell as existing networking of AIDIA.


For Sponsorship:

Ms. Sajina Rai

Email: sponsorship@aidiaasia.org

Cell: 9862205414

Contact: 01-4100635

Address: Suite no: 606, Bluebird Mall, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu