The dialogue on "Nepal-Sri Lanka Relations and Its Role in Regional Development", was organised by AIDIA organised this event, as part of the fortnightly Dialogue on International Affairs Programme, on Wednesday the 30th July 2014. Implemented in close collaboration with Orbit International School of Kathmandu, Nepal, the event took place at Orbit’s Conference Hall. For the occasion, AIDIA invited H.E. Ambassador W.M. Senevirathna as the keynote speaker, and offered him the opportunity to present his topic before an audience of more than 70 selected participants, mostly young representatives from a number of key institutions from relevant sectors in Nepal, as well as students of IR, Business, Political Science and other related fields.

Ambassador Senevirathna’s talk took well over one-and-a-half hours and was accompanied by a presentation. It focused on Sri Lanka’s major features and offered an overview of current Nepal-Sri Lanka relations in a variety of grounds, as well as an insightful analysis of the potential benefits that an enhancement of the existing collaboration would bring to both nations, in the context of revamped SAARC and Asian economies.

The presentation gave way to a Q&A session, which ensured the active engagement of the audience in a constructive dialogue with the speaker and with AIDIA organisers.