Harsha Jain

Harsha Jain

Research Intern


Harsha is currently pursuing her MA in International Relations from Jindal School of International Affairs, O.P. Jindal University. She has a keen interest in exploring and understanding the softer aspects of international relations and how it affects societies and individuals. This inspired her to aim for a career in the social sector. [Text Wrapping Break] She has worked, and wishes to work in the future, for causes that directly and indirectly affect the society and societal wellbeing. Education, Children's’ issues , women’s issues and developmental issues drive her to work towards achieving the goal of understanding mechanisms of society and bringing a change thereof. Harsha currently works as a Human Capital Regional manager at Make A Difference- an NGO that works for children in shelters across India. [Text Wrapping Break]At AIDIA, she expanded her academic horizons by focusing on the various economic, trade, investment and development possibilities for Nepal and its provinces.

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