Our Photo Albums

Nepal Foreign Policy Conference 2017:" Revisiting Nepal's Foreign Policy in Contemporary Global Power Structure"
Round Table meeting on Opportunities and Challenges on Alternative Energy Investment in Nepal
Mr. Sunil K.C's (CEO/Founder, AIDIA) sate trip to Bangladesh
Round Table Meeting on China's Impact on 'Emerging Market Economics'
The Kathmandu Diplomatic Dinner (February 16, 2015)
A Round Table Meeting on Business Opportunity for Nepalese in Ethiopia
Symposium in Ethiopian Culture
Workshop on Effective Business, Leadership and Strategic Management
Nepal-Bangladesh Relations and their role in SAARC
New Indian Diplomacy: Impact on South Asian Economy with Subhir Bhaumik
Singapore-Nepal Relations with Hon Consul Madhusudhan Patel
Interaction Session on "Trade and Investment Opportunities in Tajikistan"
Enterprise Facilitation Workshop by Dr. Ernesto Sirolli
AIDIA-JSIA Youth Exchange Summit 20-24 June 2016
The Kathmandu Diplomatic Dinner, July 31,2015
A Round Table Meeting on China's Impact on Emerging Market Economies
Round Table Meeting on "Nepal-Zambia Relations: The Future Ahead"
Nepal as a Federal State: Lesson Learn from the Indian Experience
The Second Himalayas Forum
Emerging Entrepreneurship Forum 2016
2nd Nepal Bangladesh Business Forum: Beyond Bilateralism: Cooperation for Prosperity
A Round Table Meeting on Business Opportunities for Nepalese in Ethiopia
The Kathmandu Diplomatic Dinner
Roundtable meeting on "Prospects and Challenges of Hydropower Education in Nepal"
The Kathmandu Diplomatic Dinner, September 3, 2015
Enterprise Facilitation Workshop by Dr. Ernesto Sirolli
The Kathmandu Diplomatic Dinner, March 27, 2015
Seminar on- P.M. Dahal India Visit: Impact on Bilateral Trade, Business and Investment
Nepal-India Future Economic Partnership
Nepal Bangladesh Business Forum (NBBF)
Happy Deepawali to all our Friends, Colleagues, Members and Well-Wishers
Round Table Meeting on “Prospects and Challenges on Nepal-India-Bangladesh Trilateral Co-operation”
PM Oli's India Visit: Present Status of Trade, Transit, Business and Investment
Interactive Session on "Trade and Investment Opportunites in Afghanistan"
An Interactive session with H.E Mr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali ( Ambassador of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to India and Nepal) on Trade and Investment Opportunities in Nepal.
A guest lecture on political environment for economic development
The Changing Context of International Relations in 21st Century: A guest lecture by Dr. Sreeram Chaulia
The AIDIA Annual Economic Diplomacy Conference 2015