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Round table meeting on Nepal China India Trilateral Cooperation

Nepal needs Balanced  and Sound Relation with Both Neighbors

Nepal must have a balanced and sound relationship with both of its immediate neighbours to enjoy maximum benefits from the progress and prosperity made by the emerging economic giants, participants of an interaction said Monday.

Addressing an interaction entitled, "Trilateral Cooperation Between Nepal-India-China: Prospects and Perplexities", the participants said with the rapid economic progress, two neighbours, China and India, were trying to expand their influence and reach in the region and beyond.

The programme, hosted by AIDIA, saw the key speaker from the India based think-tank, Centre for China Analysis and Strategy (CCAS), making a key note speech on the importance of trilateral cooperation among Nepal, India and China and the emerging new power equation in the South Asian and Indo-Pacific regions.

New aspirations in China and India are sure to give rise to new power equation and equilibrium in the regions. With India and China engaging in border dispute, time appears to be very fluid in South Asia, said said Jayadev Ranade, President of Centre for China Analysis and Strategy (CCAS), a New Delhi based think tank.  "It would be, therefore, imperative for Nepal to maintain balanced relation without playing one neighbour against other," Ranade added.

Bishnu Hari Nepal, former ambassador to Japan, said that Nepal should attempt to take maximum benefit from China through its ever increasing trade, development in technology, transport and other sectors while the country should deepen its relationship with India by utilising its cultural and social relationship with the southern neighbour.

Nepal also suggested that China and India should focus more on economic cooperation rather than engaging in border dispute.

Another key speaker, former finance minister Madhukar Shumsher Rana, said that Nepal should act as an economic corridor for China and India.  He opined that Nepal should engage in China's Belt and Road Intiative to reap maximum benefits from the connectivity it would offer to her. Since One Belt, One Road is one of the greatest development drives in the history of the world, Nepal must attempt to take benefit from it, he suggested.

Gyanedra Lal Pradhan, treasurer at FNCCI, and Chairman of Energy Promotion Committee, said that investment from China is easily accessible in Nepal which is why Nepal's involvement in OBOR had appeared lucrative. However, Nepal must seek to gain from its close relationship with India in the trade, technology and hydropower sector urging the southern neighbour to expedite infrastructure development.

Namrata Hasija, a research associate at CCAS, presented a paper on South Asia and BRI. The paper threw light on the Chinese investments under the BRI in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


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Nepal Foreign Policy Conference

The Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (AIDIA) - foreign policy think-tank based in Kathmandu, in Cooperation with Mid-Western University successfully hosted conference on "Revisiting Nepal's Foreign Policy in Contemporary Global Power Structure” on April 1, 2017 in Yak and Yeti Hotel Kathmandu. The conference is jointly inaugurated by three former ministers of Nepal Mr. Ramesh Naath Pandey, Prof. Madhukar SJB Rana and Mr Surendra Pandey.

“The chief objective of the conference was to revisit the Nepal’s foreign policy in reference to the contemporary remaking of international order, the global power shifts to Asia, reshuffling of the global balance of power, the rise of China and India and its impact on Nepal’s foreign policy” told Mr. Shyam KC, Research and Development Director of AIDIA and to . The conference made a discussion on six thematic sessions. More than thirty plus speaker from inside and outside the country forward their speech including foreign policy experts, academician, seasoned diplomats, politician, international experts, foreign dignitaries and other scholars along with more than 250 distinguished participants. “We will soon develop and publish the report of the conference and share with the Ministry of Foreign Affair and with all other concern stake holders, which we strongly believe will serve as a reference to the government of Nepal for enhancing clarity and developing pragmatic foreign policy in preset context of international power structure”said, Mr. Sunil KC, CEO of AIDIA.’

Foreign Secretary, Mr Shanker Das Bairagi, Former Minister Pradeep Gyawali, Former Foreign Secretary Madhu Raman Acharya c hair the respective session. Industry Minister, Hon’ble Nabindra Raj Joshi forwarded the concluding remarks on the conference.

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Emerging Entrepreneurs Forum 2016

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AIDIA Youth Engagement Series

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AIDIA-Asia Conclave

AIDIA-Asia conclave is the premier program of the Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (AIDA), which will be held once in every two months. It is a premier gather of the high profile politicians, businesspersons and diplomats from the Asia and talk on the regional issues. The prime objective of the conclave is to provide the platform for discussion and debate in the regional issues of the Asia. AIDIA-Asia Conclave will gather diplomats and politicians from the different Asian countries and chose the topic of discussion and debate. Nepal will be the focal destination where one member will be always be the part of debate and discussion. AIDIA Asia Conclave can be the influential catalyst, which aid to solve the problem in collaboration with the impressive ideas and vision of the SAARC members. The cooperation among the Asian countries will help to achieve immensely untapped potential of the people. The conclave will act as the bridge to share the ideas and vision of the most powerful and impressive personality, which can help for future partnership and build link for mutual development.


  •  Opportunity to address the regional issue
  • Generating new ideas from the Asian and Non-Asian to solve the regional issues through intellectual debate from the Himalayan region of Nepal.
  • To mobilize the talent pool from Asia to discuss the regional issues for to solve the regional issues and development of the Asian countries.
  • To improve and strengthen the relations of India and Nepal
  • To discuss on the possible partnership in future between India and Nepal
  • Business networking

 AIDIA will provide opportunity to speak on the regional issues in the conclave and make the debate and discussion which yield the fruiful approach for problem solutions. Our objective is to strengthen the social, economical and political ties between the Nepal and other countires.

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The AIDIA Annual Economic Diplomacy Conference

The AIDIA Annual Economic Diplomacy Conference in the theme “Making Nepal an Economic Hub in Asia”. It is Nepal’s biggest brainstorming event, bringing together the most relevant leaders and experts from business, Finance, Diplomacy, academia, government, and civil society. This event sets the stage for jointly exploring critical, national and regional agendas. The Summit will bring together over 200 members of the Network to Nepal to explore the latest developments and innovations in business, society and technology, to provide a better understanding of the fundamental transformations impacting our world, and to collaborate in interactive panel discussion series to provide innovative recommendations on some of the most pressing challenges on the regional stage. This year’s Conference will introduce a new class of innovations that can help drive solutions for a better future. AIDIA Annual Economic Diplomacy Conference is the platform for business leaders and decision-makers to prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead as our economy continues to grow. It will become Nepal’s premier event for advancing the country’s local, regional, and global economic position globally. Individual presenters and panels of knowledgeable national and regional experts of business innovation, law, entrepreneurship, economic development, global expansion, energy, real estate, political process, economics and more will be conducting specialized breakout sessions in multiple tracks throughout the day. We also have the honor of having a series of business experts serve as keynotes and panel participants. We welcome you to the 1st AIDIA Annual Economic Diplomacy Conference on “Making Nepal an Economic Hub in Asia” and look forward to having you contribute to an event that is on a mission to bring together the region’s best leaders to solve the most challenging of economic problems.

Objectives of the Conference  

  • To make a Nepal an economic hub in Asia.
  •  To provide a platform to exchange ideas from different experts from the various country to express their views for improvement of diplomatic relations and economical circumstance of Nepal.
  •  To prioritize economic and political situation of Nepal in International level for improvement the country’s policy and economy.
  • To keep economic diplomacy in frontline of Nepalese foreign policy for the promotion of trade and business relation among the countries.
  • To get ideas and knowledge from different experts nationally and internationally to flourish country’s economy globally • To make a network nationally and internationally
  •  To strengthen Nepal’s economy by establishing multinational companies and producing entrepreneurs
  • Create employment opportunities to decrease foreign remittance and making country more sustainable


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Foreign Affairs TV Show

'Foreign Affairs' is an exclusive weekly Television Talk show that airs on the popular national channel, Sagarmatha Television of Nepal, and focuses on Diplomatic Affairs/Global Economy/Global Politics/Regional Development/ International Security Issues and Global Foreign Policy. Our show exclusively features Diplomats, Ambassadors, International Relations and Foreign Policy experts, Foreign Affairs analysts, foreign delegates, and Governmental and United Nations officials. Delegates will be joining Foreign Affairs TV Show from around the world to provide accurate and timely information about diplomacy and foreign policy/Economy/Security Issues; information that will not only bring broader knowledge and insight to our viewers, but will also inform policy makers and government bodies in Nepal and abroad to help facilitate strong working relations towards achieving political stability, peace, and sustainable development across the globe. Nepal is geo-politically and strategically an important location not only for the economically and technologically giant countries China and India but also for developed and prosperous countries from European Union and America. Moreover, Nepal has a better economic prospect as it has its strong hold on hydropower, herbal and agricultural products and human resources. Beautiful landscapes and pristine Himalayas are other assets people around world are tempted to experience. Therefore, it is high time Nepal got further introduced to the rest of world establishing amicable relationship. And it is also important for people in Nepal to get introduced to people and countries of the globe as well as learn a lot from them that can bring positive economic, educational, infrastructural change for overall development of the nation. Since media is one of the best means to connect people in terms of information, there is a high necessity of making a TV program that can help get the information of and from the world itself.


  • Help the people and prospective diplomats make aware about the issues related to foreign affairs and diplomacy
  • Talk about social, political, economic, educational, etc issues of the nation and the world  
  • Talk about foreign affairs that can better strengthen relation of Nepal with rest of the world in the area of international relation and diplomacy
  • Focus on economic diplomacy to promote bilateral and multilateral trade relation 
  • Introduce Nepal globally
  •  Support and promote the national interest of Nepal
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The Kathmandu Diplomatic Dinner

The Dinner is AIDIA’s response to the need of incentivising diplomatic community interaction and mutual knowledge in the Asian continent. While foreign missions representatives in other world regions usually engage in social and educational activities in order to promote their closer interaction at personal and institutional levels, Asia is still missing such tradition, thus offering diplomats very few occasions to communicate and get acquainted with each other.

AIDIA organises The Kathmandu Diplomatic Dinner precisely with that aim of providing envoys with the opportunity to develop a better knowledge of each other in the context of an evening gathering around a single, big table, which would help smoothing out any future institutional relations among them and their respective missions.

The KathmanduDiplomatic Dinner is organised on a monthly basis at one of the five-star hotels of the Kathmandu, in close partnership with foreign embassies and international organisations. Guests are invited to join the Dinner in groups of up to 20 people, which can also comprise technical experts or personalities in relevant fields, in order to assure interesting dialogues and enriching interactions among them. The Dinner do also provide a good setting for the welcoming of newly appointed envoys to missions in the Himalayas region.

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The Himalayas Forum

The Himalayas Forum Programme is a pioneering initiative in South Asia, undertaken by AIDIA with the aim of stimulating and facilitating conducive and substantive discussions on Asia’s human security-related matters, widely understood in order to comprise issues such as strategy and defence; economy and trade; organised crime and terrorism; public health and environment; energy, water and natural resources; education and culture; or civil society. Having as ultimate goal to promote the update of Asia to the latest trends in tackling those key matters in the most satisfactory terms, as well as to encourage Asians to occupy a front-line position in offering global solutions to those problems based on creativity and innovation, the Forum offers a hub for the constructive dialogue of senior experts coming from a diversity of relevant backgrounds and nationalities. Each edition of the Forum comprises conferences, dialogues and roundtables, workshops, trainings and events. Organised twice a year, in its Winter and Summer editions, AIDIA’s Himalayas Forum is implemented in close cooperation and partnership with Asian countries governments, diplomatic missions, chambers of commerce, private and public universities, think tanks, international organisations, civil society and business associations.

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Dialogue on International Affairs

The Dialogue on International Affairs Programme is a ground-breaking initiative of AIDIA for the promotion of track-2 diplomatic relations among Asian actors, as well as between Asia and the rest of the world. Based on the implementation of fortnightly events, the Programme is organised by AIDIA with the support of Orbit International School of Kathmandu, Nepal, and encompasses a series of seminars, roundtables, lectures and conferences delivered by qualified experts on the foreign affairs fields, mostly ambassadors and senior representatives of major institutions present or operating in the continent. AIDIA puts special care in diversifying the nationality and background of the selected participants to this Programme’s events, as the Institute aims at providing its stakeholders with a truly international perspective, free from mere local or regional biases.

Audience, composed mainly by youth and students, is usually given the opportunity and actually encouraged to actively engage in the discussion of the given topics by addressing their questions, comments and remarks at the end of the speakers’ presentations. This way, the Institute ensures a proactive involvement of the youths and stimulates their interaction with the senior guest speakers, thus fulfilling its role as facilitator and provider of training in foreign affairs. Media is always invited to cover the specific events that comprise this Programme, something that guarantees a wider reach of the speakers’ presentations, as well as visibility and public access to the contents of the discussions

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Promoting Trade Relations through Economic Diplomacy

Having as ultimate goal the advancement and promotion of Asian nations’ and regions’ trade and commercial relations, as well as their full internationalisation in the context of globalisation, the Promoting Trade Relations through Economic Diplomacy Programme intends to highlight the unexplored opportunities that enhanced diplomatic relations could bring to the economy and trade of Asian countries and regions, and to help establishing the permanent channels of communication and interaction among them and other world actors. The Programme, an initiative undertaken by AIDIA with the support of international economic organisations and Asian financial institutions, comprises conferences by qualified experts, dialogues and brainstorming roundtables, as well as high level technical workshops and trainings, which are organised and implemented in close collaboration with the countries’ ministries for economy and trade, commercial departments of diplomatic missions, chambers of commerce, think tanks and universities, and international business associations.

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Dialogue on Diplomacy

AIDIA’s Dialogue on Diplomacy was the first of all existing programmes to be developed and the one that has been running for a longer time. It builds on the extensive experience of AIDIA’s Founder in Nepalese media. Conceived as a weekly half-an-hour radio show with a national coverage, the Dialogue is a pioneering initiative in Nepal, as well as one of the few existing in the Asian continent. It focuses on the analysis of front line issues in foreign affairs and diplomatic relations, widely understood in order to comprise classic, second- track, cultural and economic diplomacy, as well as on the latest international news. The Dialogue aims at making those issues intelligible for the wider public, who usually lacks the knowledge and perspective to fully grasp the core of foreign-related matters. Approached in a serious, yet informal and accessible way, the Dialogue includes an interview section with some relevant expert in the field, frequently a member of the diplomatic community in the region or a representative from foreign institutions working in international issues, who helps clarifying issues at stake, and who illustrates the topics with references to their own foreign experience.

Widely praised by media sectors in various SAARC neighbouring nations, the Dialogue has cropped enormous success in the radio scope in Nepal and has been able to maintain a constant top-five ranking among the most listened radio shows in the field nationwide over the past months. While online streaming allows universal access to the radio show, AIDIA aims at making the Dialogue a reference in the analysis of global issues from an Asian viewpoint.

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