AIDIA’s Dialogue on Diplomacy was the first of all existing programmes to be developed and the one that has been running for a longer time. It builds on the extensive experience of AIDIA’s Founder in Nepalese media. Conceived as a weekly half-an-hour radio show with a national coverage, the Dialogue is a pioneering initiative in Nepal, as well as one of the few existing in the Asian continent. It focuses on the analysis of front line issues in foreign affairs and diplomatic relations, widely understood in order to comprise classic, second- track, cultural and economic diplomacy, as well as on the latest international news. The Dialogue aims at making those issues intelligible for the wider public, who usually lacks the knowledge and perspective to fully grasp the core of foreign-related matters. Approached in a serious, yet informal and accessible way, the Dialogue includes an interview section with some relevant expert in the field, frequently a member of the diplomatic community in the region or a representative from foreign institutions working in international issues, who helps clarifying issues at stake, and who illustrates the topics with references to their own foreign experience.

Widely praised by media sectors in various SAARC neighbouring nations, the Dialogue has cropped enormous success in the radio scope in Nepal and has been able to maintain a constant top-five ranking among the most listened radio shows in the field nationwide over the past months. While online streaming allows universal access to the radio show, AIDIA aims at making the Dialogue a reference in the analysis of global issues from an Asian viewpoint.

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