'Foreign Affairs' is an exclusive weekly Television Talk show that airs on the popular national channel, Sagarmatha Television of Nepal, and focuses on Diplomatic Affairs/Global Economy/Global Politics/Regional Development/ International Security Issues and Global Foreign Policy. Our show exclusively features Diplomats, Ambassadors, International Relations and Foreign Policy experts, Foreign Affairs analysts, foreign delegates, and Governmental and United Nations officials. Delegates will be joining Foreign Affairs TV Show from around the world to provide accurate and timely information about diplomacy and foreign policy/Economy/Security Issues; information that will not only bring broader knowledge and insight to our viewers, but will also inform policy makers and government bodies in Nepal and abroad to help facilitate strong working relations towards achieving political stability, peace, and sustainable development across the globe. Nepal is geo-politically and strategically an important location not only for the economically and technologically giant countries China and India but also for developed and prosperous countries from European Union and America. Moreover, Nepal has a better economic prospect as it has its strong hold on hydropower, herbal and agricultural products and human resources. Beautiful landscapes and pristine Himalayas are other assets people around world are tempted to experience. Therefore, it is high time Nepal got further introduced to the rest of world establishing amicable relationship. And it is also important for people in Nepal to get introduced to people and countries of the globe as well as learn a lot from them that can bring positive economic, educational, infrastructural change for overall development of the nation. Since media is one of the best means to connect people in terms of information, there is a high necessity of making a TV program that can help get the information of and from the world itself.


  • Help the people and prospective diplomats make aware about the issues related to foreign affairs and diplomacy
  • Talk about social, political, economic, educational, etc issues of the nation and the world  
  • Talk about foreign affairs that can better strengthen relation of Nepal with rest of the world in the area of international relation and diplomacy
  • Focus on economic diplomacy to promote bilateral and multilateral trade relation 
  • Introduce Nepal globally
  •  Support and promote the national interest of Nepal

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