Professional Membership

Professional membership is only for staffs or individual representing academic institutions, business forms, national and international organizations, media persons, independent scholars among others. Together, with their expertise and with our platform new aspects of international relations and diplomacy can be explored. Highly motivated members will have opportunity of spreading ideas through papers and journals, speeches networking around the world within their area of expertise.



Exclusive Programs

  • VIP Invitation to attend the diplomatic dinner.
  • Special lunch/dinner meetings with AIDIA’s distinguished international guests.
  • Providing access to AIDIA’s diplomatic and business networks.


National/International Events and Networking

  • Invitation to speak at one of the flagship event of AIDIA.
  • Invitation to all the major events and symposium including Annual Asian Economic Diplomacy Conference, Nepal Foreign Policy Conference, Nepal India Think Tank summit, Sagarmatha summit( proposed)

Professional Engagements

  • Opportunity facilitates AIDIA’s professional programs, professional workshop and training related to foreign policy and international affairs.
  • Advertisement and circulation of book, book lunch among the circle website blogs, social media.
  • Publication of interview and articles AIDIA blog and websites.


  • Access to the reports, journals of each events and annual booklet of AIDIA.

Note: ID card and Membership certificate will be issued.

Mode of Payment 

Contribution for the professional membership is 15,000 NPR.

Subscription to this membership is to be made by depositing membership fee in AIDIA’s bank account.

For further queries please contact: