Mr. Sunil K.C. Chief Executive,AIDIA
Er. Mr. Ganesh ShahAdviser, Science, Technology and Climate Change
Mr. Sher Bahadur K.C.Distinguished Fellow
Dr. Christopher LingleVisiting, Fellow
Colin EvansAdviser, Economic Diplomacy
Dr. Nihar R NayakConsulting Editor
Mr. Tridivesh Singh MainiFellow for India's Foreign Policy
Mr. Shyam K.C.Research and Development Director
Ms. Kamana MagarOperative Director
Ms. Sajina RaiDeputy Program Cordinator & Research Assistant
Sagar KafleFellow for Energy and Agriculture
Mr. Bishal NeupanePublic Relations Coordinator and Research Associate
Ms. Sama ThapaHost, AIDIA Dialogue
Mr. Jitesh DangiOffice Assistant