The Himalayas Forum Programme is a pioneering initiative in South Asia, undertaken by AIDIA with the aim of stimulating and facilitating conducive and substantive discussions on Asia’s human security-related matters, widely understood in order to comprise issues such as strategy and defence; economy and trade; organised crime and terrorism; public health and environment; energy, water and natural resources; education and culture; or civil society. Having as ultimate goal to promote the update of Asia to the latest trends in tackling those key matters in the most satisfactory terms, as well as to encourage Asians to occupy a front-line position in offering global solutions to those problems based on creativity and innovation, the Forum offers a hub for the constructive dialogue of senior experts coming from a diversity of relevant backgrounds and nationalities. Each edition of the Forum comprises conferences, dialogues and roundtables, workshops, trainings and events. Organised twice a year, in its Winter and Summer editions, AIDIA’s Himalayas Forum is implemented in close cooperation and partnership with Asian countries governments, diplomatic missions, chambers of commerce, private and public universities, think tanks, international organisations, civil society and business associations.