17th July 2020
1:45 PM

Russia has always appreciated the great strategic importance of South Asia in terms of international security and global governance, as well as world trade and economy. Developing closer ties with South Asian region is increasingly becoming one of Moscow priorities. In this task, Russia not only builds upon its partnerships with big players (India and Pakistan), but also seeks closer engagements with other regional states, including Nepal.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on the world affecting not only health but also bilateral relationships between states as well as global economy and security. Some argue that it has the potential to change the present global order.


In order to understand the potential risks and opportunities that the post-COVID-19 world can provide, we need to look into our relationships closely. This webinar intends to evaluate Russia’s relations with the South Asian region and Nepal specifically during and post COVID-19 crisis. The webinar is organized by Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (AIDIA), Kathmandu, in collaboration with Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), Moscow.




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