01st May 2020
9:00 PM

Nepal transformed its political structure from unitary to federal in 2015, by adopting its new constitution. Presently, Nepal is categorized under least developed nations. However, it aspires to achieve a developing nation status by 2022. However, Nepal has been encountering some or the other forms of challenges leading to political instability. The webinar intends to understand the current political trends in Nepal.


Whether there is a correlation between the political stability of Nepal and its economic development? What have been the accomplishments and failures of the incumbent government (Nepal Communist Party - NCP)? What are the effects of intra-party conflicts on the domestic politics of Nepal? What is the public opinion on leadership change and exceptions?


With these questions in mind, Research and Development Director Mr Shyam will engage with Mr Binoj Basnyat( Political and Security Analyst), Mr. Geja Sharma Wagle (Political Analyst), Mr. Jagdishor Pandey (Sr. Sub Editor, Kantipur Daily), and Mr. Mahabir Paudyal (Op-ed Editor, My Republica) in a virtual conversation on Nepal’s political trends.