27th May 2020
02:45 PM

Nepal and India have unique ties which are perhaps unparalleled in international relations today. An open border, virtual rights for citizens of Nepal in India, deep rooted people to people contacts based on culture and kinship marks the special bonds. Military to military relations is perhaps the sign of proximity between two nations – the award of honorary rank to the Army Chiefs of the two countries and the large contribution of Gorkha soldiers from Nepal to the Gorkha Regiments of the Indian Army is an indicator of the closeness. 

Issues do crop up between even close neighbours and territorial sovereignty ones are the most sensitive creating adverse sentiment down. The Kalapani-Lipu Lekh- Limpiyadhura issue is one such which has led to differences in Nepal-India relations. The objective of the Zoom Round Table is to primarily brainstorm ideas for resolving this long standing issue that can have serious ramifications in widening differences on both sides and intends to address the following major questions;   

  1. What are the main claims of the two countries on the areas under discussion?
  2. What attempts have been made to resolve these in the past and reasons for success or otherwise? What mechanisms are available for resolution?
  3. Any suggested model from resolution of boundary in other countries that can be applied?
  4. Suggestions or recommendations for resolution of the current impasse in specific terms?



Date: May 27, 2020

Time: 2:30 PM IST/2:45 NPT 


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