01st January 1970

Besides being Nepal’s largest trading partner, India is a major transit for the third-country trade of Nepal. Nepal’s transit trade is routed through twenty-two designated routes between the Nepal-India border and the ports of Kolkata/Haldia and Vishakapatnam. Similarly, with the cross-border labor migration between two countries, Nepal and India is also interdependent for remittance inflows.

Since the trade, transit, and overall economic relations comprises significant parts of Nepal-India relations, the Covid19 pandemic is assumed to have some serious effects on the bilateral trade and economic cooperation between the two nations. This series of AIDIA’s webinar intends to dig into some deeper questions; how should Nepal and India engage to maintain the trade flows, protecting migrant labour, and minimize the bilateral economic repercussions? And, what could be the possible challenges and opportunities for the two countries in the post-pandemic scenario?


Date: 18 May 2020

Time: 8:15 PM


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