08th June 2020

Even during the lockdown, journalism is considered an ‘essential service’ in almost in every country. Media, which is the fourth pillar of democracy, ensures transparency and accountability of the state. It provides a link between the citizens and the state. Media also plays a crucial role in shaping foreign policies of a country by influencing the public.


Nepal-India shares very unique bilateral relations. With the world combating with COVID-19, media is also fighting a crisis of misinformation especially through social media. The media of Nepal and India need to be more cooperative than ever in such situation ensuring the exchange of information and transparency.


The webinar on The Role of Media in Nepal-India Relations will address the questions like: What are the challenges imposed on media across Nepal-India borders? What role has been played by Media so far? Is there a possibility of cooperation between the Media of two countries? What could be the impact of Media cooperation on Nepal-India relations? In general, this webinar is intended to explore the role and scope of media in impacting NepalIndia relations during the crisis.