20th June 2020
3:00 PM

South Asian countries are aware of the fact that they are the least integrated region in the world with intra-regional trade at less than five percent of the total volume of trade in the region. There is always a need for the collaborative effort for comprehensive regional and sub-regional development. 



There is substantial presence of ethnic Nepali in the entire North-east region of India. The existing socio-cultural goodwill and shared ties between them could be institutionalized and accelerated for the economic cooperation between both the countries.



From the geo-economic angle, the North-eastern part of India is crucial for both Nepal and India as it serves as an entry to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries which is not just desirable but also a must needed pathway for the regional and sub-regional development of South Asia. Besides this, the Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal (BBIN) initiative also forms the building block taking these geographical territories as a major steppingstone for the interdependence.



There is an evolving need for infrastructure investment, efficient connectivity and border crossings in both countries.

This webinar is looking for an insightful discussion mainly on the economic prospects and challenges of Nepal- North East India Relations. It basically intends examine the following:

· Historical interlinkages between Nepal and northeast India

· Prospects of economic partnership including trade, tourism, energy, connectivity, investment among others

· Cooperation in water resource management, agriculture, environment and, food security

· Cross-border migration and development

· Cooperation in regional architecture (BBIN, BIMSTEC)

· Scrutinizing the existing security challenges and exploring necessary joint efforts to meet these challenges